Your brain is quite an amazing organ. Containing over 100 billion neurons, the brain controls an astonishing amount of information and greatly influences your perception of the world (Chudler). It can process information at a rate of up to 268 miles per hour, yet it does not always do this accurately (“69 Interesting Facts About […]

My topic of choice for this essay is How Your Brain Lies to You. This is an interesting and engaging topic because it is something that everyone experiences weather they know it or not. If the reader is unaware of a phenomenon discussed in the paper, most of the phenomena can be easily tested and […]

The first source I chose for my topic of How Your Brian Lies to You is entitled Binaural Beat Salience. This article was written by John H. Grose, Emily Buss, and Joseph W. Hall III. It was published in March of 2012 in the journal titled Hearing Research. John H. Grose has a PhD in […]

Topic One: For the first option, I would be interested in investigation the FBI building. However, the building is not open for tours so the majority of the paper would be involving research. Through the lens of the J. Edgar Hoover building, I will be investigating the prevention and detection of fraud by the FBI, […]

If you’re worried about concussions, you’re in the wrong business – Brad Hoover You Just Got Your Bell-Rung             This past Sunday, football fans across the nation were gearing up for the big game. They were excited to see big hits, big plays, and big competition. Yet by now the game is over and they […]

Exercise 1: I thought the “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” article was well done. The author used an informal tone to keep the essay light and easy to read while still getting his message across. None of these struck me by surprise as I have been taught these things by many writing teachers throughout my […]

When first introduced to Tom Dowd, it is hard not to be intimidated as he rattles off the people he has recorded over the years. He has worked with the most impressive list of people, including Charlie Parker, Lester Young, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Allman Brothers, Ray Charles, and Cream—the band which had, in […]

By the end of this documentary, it seemed that Shanae was on the right path and had learned from her experience, while Megan had not. This was mainly because of their home life, and the life they returned to on the streets. Shanae had s decent home life to return to, with people who cared […]

The criminal justice system is a multi-faceted and complex organization. With many layers, it provides a wide variety of services to the community. The police do their best to protect and serve the community, while the judicial system determines guilt and innocence among suspects. The final stage, corrections, helps to carry out the sentences determined […]

Assignment 3 Pros: –       Gives the families of the victims closure to what they have suffer through. –       It can act as a deterrent for future crimes. The threat of death might stop more brutal murders from happening. –       The brutal murders that offenders are getting sentenced to death for are the ultimate violation of […]